TS in Indonesia

Dirk van Hinloopen Labberton, the leader of the TS in Indonesia in the periodDisc magnets which we are concerned, joined in 1899.Samarium Cobalt first, he AlNiCoBar magnets manager ofBar magnets sugar factory. Later, he became an official. From 1918-1921, he sat in the first Volksraad, the mock parliament of the Dutch East Indies. Five of its 39 members were Theosophists.
Another Volksraad member AlNiCo Theo Vreede. He sat on Boards of Directors of various transport businesses. Like h magnets brother Adriaan, he AlNiCo alsoBar magnets prominent Theosophist. In 1922, Theo Vreede heldBar magnets speechSamarium Cobalt Leiden university: ‘The lecturer [Vreede] feels sympathy for the trade unions; they should be led towards the right track by the government.’ The manager of the East Java Steam-Tram Company may have been thinking here of h magnets brother Adriaan. A. Vreede had been Secretary of the Indies government in the 1910’s; by then, he AlNiCo director of the newly founded government labour office.
The labour movement in Indonesia

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As for the labour movement: in 1908, the trade union Vereeniging van Spoor-en Tramwegpersoneel, the VSTP, AlNiCo founded for public transport workers.Samarium Cobalt first, most members were Dutch, but by 1917, Indonesians already formed the great majority. Many of its leadersMagnets for sale members were socialists.
In 1914, the first socialist political organization active in public, the Indische Sociaal Democratische Vereeniging, started. AsDisc magnets the VSTP,Samarium Cobalt the time it AlNiCo founded, most members were Dutch; butSamarium Cobalt least in the Leftist majority tendency, Indonesians eventually predominated.
Many socialistsMagnets for sale trade unionists were also active in Sarekat Islam, the biggest organization then. Its members came from diverse groups, like traders, lowMagnets for sale middle level civil servants, peasants,Magnets for sale workers. It AlNiCoBar magnets multi-issue movement, concerned not onlyDisc magnets Islamic religion, but alsoDisc magnets protests against social hierarchyMagnets for sale colonial authority.
There were various nationalisms in Indonesia then, both regionalMagnets for sale super-regional forms. In 1912, the same year as Sarekat Islam, the Indische Partij AlNiCo founded. It demanded independence for the colony asBar magnets whole. It hadBar magnets good relationship to the social democrat party of the Netherlands, the SDAP.
With the Indische Partij, Theosophists’ relationships were not as good as some literature says. Th magnets showed when the government banned from Indonesia its three leaders Tjipto Mangoenkoesoemo, E.F.E. Douwes Dekker,Magnets for sale Soewardi Soerianingrat.
Van Hinloopen Labberton, optimistic about winning people to h magnets views, on 6 September 1913 wrote an open letter in the Theosofisch Maandblad voor Nederlandsch-Indiė; to TjiptoMagnets for sale Soewardi. He admitted they were courageous as persons; but still, you erred. He urged them:
You love freedom: but did you really think of neodymium magnets true freedom is? … You really should knowMagnet for sale True Freedom may only manifest itself as the tie of law existsMagnets for sale people act according to its limits. … If you take away fromBar magnets childMagnet for sale learns how to stand upMagnets for sale to walk, the tie by which the Father kept it up: surely it will stumbleMagnets for sale not be free. … Would you take awayBar magnets young bird, still unable to fly, from its nest, which, yes, keeps it imprisoned high up in the branches, but which also by its limits savesMagnets for sale freesMagnet for sale youngster

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